AccuCOUNT on Android Handheld – Manage Prices

AccuCOUNT on Android Handheld – Manage Prices

You can easily change the price of items in your inventory and sales floor with AccuCOUNT.

Press the 'Manage Prices' button on the main screen and you will be prompted to select items by scanning or searching for them:

manage prices input

Selecting Items by Scanning

Scan an item by pointing the scanner at the barcode (the scanner has a range of two feet) and pressing the button on the right side of the device.

Selecting Items by Searching

If an item has a missing or damaged barcode, you can find the item by pressing the 'Search Item' button on the top of the Input Item screen.

Here you can input any text that is part of the item, or leave the field blank to browse all the inventory in your accounting.

To activate the search, press the 'Done' or 'Return' button on your pop-up keyboard.

search and select inventory item

The results are displayed alphabetically by their Description. To reverse the alphabetic listing, press the 'A-Z' icon.

Also, if you need to view the item numbers from low-to-high, press the '123' button on the top right. And pressing it once again will display the numbers high-to-low.

Once you have found the item, select it in the list and press the 'Select Item' button. This will bring up the item and its details just as if you have scanned it.

Adjusting the Price of an Item

item price adjust screen

The selected item's adjustment screen allows you to enter a new price in the 'New Price' field.

Once it is entered you can choose to either update the price immediately with the green 'Update Price Now' button. You will be prompted to confirm the price change.

Or you can save all your price changes for one updating at a later time with the yellow 'Update Price Later' button.

With this method you will need to select the yellow 'Review Price Changes' button on the input screen. This will bring up a list of all the price changes done so far:

review price changes

Items can be deleted individually by pressing the [x] icon to their left, or edited by selecting the edit icon on the far right. You can also start a price change on a new item by pressing the 'New Price Change' button.

If you are sure all the price changes are complete and correct, press the 'Send Price Changes To Accounting' button. The changes will be sent and you will be brought back to the main screen.

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