AccuCOUNT on Android Handheld – Resending Data

You may on occasion have to re-send either receiving receipts or adjustment counts if there was a problem with the data transfer.

Re-Sending Receipts

Pressing the 'Re-Send Receipts' button on the main screen will bring up a list of previously send receipts to choose from. Select whichever receipt that needs re-sending and press the 'Select Vendor Receipt' button.

choose vendor for re-sending receipt

The receipt will be listed on a new screen where you can view its details by expanding its [+] button for reviewing, or if you are sure it needs to be sent, select it to it highlights, then press the 'Send Receipt to Accounting' button.

You will be asked to confirm, then brought back to the main screen once the receipt is sent.


Re-Sending Adjustments

The process is the same for re-sending any adjustments that may have not gone through properly to accounting. Press the 'Re-Send Adjustments' button on the main screen and you'll be prompted to choose a recent count adjustment:

select accounting adjustment for re-sending

Once selected, the a review of the count is displayed. Press the 'Re-Send Counts To Accounting' button to re-send the data.

review re-send count

Once confirmed, the data will be you will be brought back to the main screen.