AccuCOUNT on Android Handheld – Receive Items

Use AccuCOUNT to quickly input delivery items. On the main screen, click the 'Receive Items' button. You will then be prompted to select a vendor from a list that has been set in your accounting:

android accounting vendor list

Select a vendor and press the 'Select Vendor' button on the bottom right.

Receiving items is nearly identical to Adjusting Counts.

Setting the Purchase Order ("P.O.") Number

You must set a purchase order number when receiving items from a vendor (AccuCOUNT will remind you if one is not set). Do this by pressing 'Set P.O.' button on the top right of the receiving screen.

set purchase order button

You can set the P.O. number to anything that suits your business model: either the P.O. number on the vendor's slip, or by a number set in your accounting system, or some other method. Press the 'Done' button when finished.

set purchase order number

Now that you've selected the vendor and set the P.O. number, you're ready to start receiving items, which is very similar to adjusting counts.

Scanning Items

Scan an item by pointing the scanner at the barcode (the scanner has a range of two feet) and pressing the button on the right side of the device. The laser will read the item and display its details:

receive item

Item – it's item number, which is set in your accounting system

Description – the description (name) that was set in accounting

Total Received – the current received total of the item

Current Scan Count – how many of the item are scanned so far – this number can be edited

Item Cost – the cost of the item, which has been set in accounting – this number can be edited

Note that the two last details, Current Scan Count and Item Cost, are editable. Simply touch the number and you'll be promoted to enter in a new number.

Being able to change the Current Scan Count can come in handy if you have an entire box of a certain kind of item that you know how many items it contains. Simply scan one of the items, touch the number '1' of the current scan and change it to to the proper number of items in the box.

You can also change the Item Cost if needed.

Inputting Items by Searching

If an item has a missing or damaged barcode, you can find the item by pressing the 'Search Item' button on the top of the Input Item screen.

search reveiving items

Here you can input any text that is part of the received item, or leave the field blank to browse all the vendor's inventory you have in your accounting.

To activate the search, press the 'Done' or 'Return' button on your pop-up keyboard.

search and select inventory item

The results are displayed alphabetically by their Description. To reverse the alphabetic listing, press the 'A-Z' icon.

Also, if you need to view the item numbers from low-to-high, press the '123' button on the top right. And pressing it once again will display the numbers high-to-low.

Once you have found the item, select it in the list and press the 'Select Item' button. This will bring up the item and its details just as if you have scanned it, and you can edit the Current Scan Count and Item Cost if needed.

Once you have received as many items as necessary, press the 'Done' button to confirm the count. You must confirm an item's count before receiving another item.

Sending Receipts to Accounting

Then you will need to send the receipts to your accounting. To do so, press the 'Review Receipts' button on the input screen.

review purchase order receipts button

You will then see a list where you can choose the proper receipt to send:

send receipt to accounting

If you need to just review the items received so far, press the [+] button to the left of the vendor. And if you wish to see all the receipts listed expanded to show their items, press the 'Expand All' button on the bottom left.

You can also select a receipt and edit it by selecting the 'Edit Receipt' button, or start a new receipt by pressing the "New Item Receipt' button.

To send a receipt to accounting, select it in the list and press the 'Send Receipt To Accounting' button. You will be returned to the main screen.

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