AccuCOUNT on Android Handheld – Adjusting Counts

The Adjust Counts button is where you input inventory items (usually by scanning in their bar code) and send the data to your accounting system to make sure the items match up on both ends.

The items can be anywhere – in a stock room, on the sales floor, etc – and AccuCOUNT allows you to create 'Sessions' where you keep track of the counting tasks.

For instance, if you just wanted to audit all the sodas in your entire business, you could name a session 'Soda Count'. These sessions can be saved and opened later if the inventory count is too large to do at one time.

open start new accounting session

Opening a saved session

If you have any saved sessions, you will see them listed. In the above example we see four counting sessions that have already been started and saved: 'Soda', 'Floor Count', Stock Room Accessories' and 'Snack and Candy'. The numbers on the right indicate the numbers already counted in each session.

If, for instance, we wanted to continue the 'Floor Count' inventory count, we'd select it in the list and press the 'Open Session' button.

PLEASE NOTE: to avoid errors, you will have to work out exactly where you left off the count in whatever section you were counting when saving sessions.

Once a session is re-opened, you'll see the Input screen, showing that AccuCOUNT is ready to start inputting items to the session:

accounting session floor coujnt

We cover inputting items in the section below: Inputting Items.

Starting as new session

When you are ready to count a particular section of your inventory, press the 'Start New Session' button, shown in red below:

pos accounting start new session

You will be prompted to name the new session and select its physical location from a drop down menu:

accounting session name and location

Once you've set the session name and location, click the start session button and you'll be ready to start taking inventory.

Inputting Items by Bar Code Scanning

The Input Items screen shows that AccuCOUNT is ready to start inputting your inventory items.

ready to scan item

Inputting items to AccuCOUNT is typically done using the attached scanner. To scan an item, point the scanner at the barcode (be within 24 inches of it) and press the button on the right side of the device. The laser will read the item and display its details:

scanned inventory item

The detailed information on them items shows:

Item – it's item number, which is set in your accounting system

Description – the description (name) that was set in accounting

Quantity on Hand – the number of that particular item that your accounting says that you should have in your inventory

Total for this Session – the number of that item counted so far

Current Scan – the number of items in the current scan – this number can be edited

Note that the last detail, Current Scan, is editable. Simply touch the number and you'll be promted to enter in a new number.

This can come in handy if you have an entire box of a certain kind of item that you know how many items it contains. Simply scan one of the items, touch the number '1' of the current scan and change it to to the proper number of items in the box.


Inputting Items by Searching

If an item has a missing or damaged barcode, you can find the item by pressing the 'Search Item' button on the top of the Input Item screen.

search item button

This will bring up a search screen, where you can input text to search for, as in "cola" in this example, or you can leave the text field empty (make sure and hit the 'Done' or 'Return' button on your Android onscreen keyboard to activate the search).

Then scroll through all the items in your inventory to find the needed item:

search and select inventory item

The results are displayed alphabetically by their Description. To reverse the alphabetic listing, press the 'A-Z' icon.

Also, if you need to view the item numbers from low-to-high, press the '123' button on the top right. And pressing it once again will display the numbers high-to-low.

Once you have found the item, select it in the list and press the 'Select Item' button. This will bring up the item and it's details just as if you have scanned it, and you can edit the number of items by selecting and changing the 'Current Scan' entry.

Once you have input as many items as needed, press the 'Done' button to confirm the count. You must confirm an item's count before inputting another item.

Sending Counts to Accounting

Once you have input all the items that need counting you can send the numbers to your accounting so they can be matched up.

On the Input Item screen, select 'Review Count':

inventory review count button

You'll see the 'Review Counts' screen, which lists all the items listed in that session:

android inventory review counts

Note that each item has an [x] to its left. Select this if, for whatever reason, you need to remove that item to the count session. You will need to confirm the deletion on a pop-up screen.

Also note the edit icon to the right of each item. Select this if you need to change the count of a certain item.

If you are sure that all counts are complete, the next step is to press the 'Send Counts to Accounting' button. Once you will need to confirm the sending, the counts will be sent to your accounting and you will be brought back to the main screen.


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