AccuPOS Review – Sea Breeze Seafood Restaurant

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AccuPOS Review – Sea Breeze Restaurant


Hi, my name is Hagai, I have been a customer of AccuPOS since 2009. The last few weeks that I worked with the program was actually easy to operate it. I was a little bit afraid of it before because I’m not from the States and I’ve never been familiar with computers, but since I saw the program, it convinced me to start working with it. It’s actually been very easy to operate.

Previous Cash Register Problems

It’s a lot more difficult because there is no – you can not have the tickets for the kitchen and you actually never know what your inventory is and you have to guess a lot of things.

POS Installation and Employee Training
The AccuPOS was very easy to install. I started training my employees with it and it’s really just, you don’t have to have a lot of knowledge in computer and you can manage it. It’s really fast, it’s easy to operate and I think that everybody who owns a restaurant can be grateful to have this program.

Credit Car Speed and Simplicity

It is great, it’s simple, it takes seconds every time you use the cards, and the machine knows which cards you’re using and if there are some cards you don’t use, so we won’t accept it and that’s it.

Reports and Accounting Integration

Here, with the push of a button, you actually know everything about what you have in the business, what went out, if there is some food that are best sellers you like to stay with them. If there are some dishes which you have to then go deduct, go to sellers, you take out. So you have actually all the information you need, and it doesn’t take time.

And also there’s another thing When you finish work, and you actually want to be fast home, you just push one button and the registry is already fixed and you know how much you have cash, you don’t have to count, you don’t have to do those and that. It’s a lot more easy.

The details goes immediately to the Quickbooks. I’m not doing this, this is my wife, she does the whole QuickBooks, but just before I leave this here and before I get home, it’s already in Quickbooks.

Technical Support
We had to call them once, they gave us the service over the phone. We had an issue with one of the buttons, we couldn’t reach the program. So they have a service – we called them and the guy on the other side of the phone just told me what to do and that’s it.

Would You Recommend AccuPOS Point of Sale?

If you have like a small operation or even a bigger one, I would recommend AccuPOS, it’s a really nice system!

Written by: Hagai at Sea Breeze Restaurant
Product: AccuPOS POS System
Date published: 11/20/2009
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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