AccuPOS Review – Venice Ranch Market

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Venice Ranch Market


I’m Miraim, I’m the owner of Venice Ranch Market, 425 Rose Avenue, Venice, California.

Why AccuPOS Works for You

Before we had an old cash register, it was very difficult to work with, you couldn’t go back once you rung a customer, you couldn’t get a receipt, and it took much longer to process credit cards. We used to do everything by hand, we used to the reports manually every day, and it didn’t give you a really broad picture of what was happening in the market on a daily basis.

Installation & Employee POS Training
I’d be very happy to tell you how pleased and satisfied I am from owning the AccuPOS system. We installed it in 2006, and we never looked back. All my my employees know how to do it, it took maybe 20 minutes to show them how to do it, it’s not very difficult at all. Some people are very afraid and say ‘I don’t know anything about computers’, but it’s very easy, you don’t really have to know that much about computers to run the machine, the machine basically does everything for you.

Credit Card Peocessing Integration
Processing credit cards used to take much longer, and now the credit cards are proper, all OK, it processes right away. Before we had to wait much longer, and of course people just want to pay and get out of here. The line goes by faster.

QuickBooks Accounting Integration & Reports
I use QuickBooks. We have daily reports as to what we sold, what items we sold so you can go back and check to see your inventory. I think it’s a very nice system, and it’s very helpful for daily business. The system has many functions, not just giving you an accurate report of what happens daily but also looking into inventory.

You want to know how many bottles of wine you sold, how much meat, produce. So you can also see what you are selling better. If you are not selling an item often enough then you can sell it off and get something else, so I thas a lot of applications.

Technaical Support
If you do have a problem, AccuPOS has a technial support that you can call. The people really know us, we know them by name and if we have a problem they try to help us through the phone.

Would You Recommend AccuPOS Point of Sale?

Even if you have a small market you would be amazed at how much easier your life will become, because a lot of things you had to do by hand before are being done through the machine and it’s much easier to pass it on to your bookkeeper or to your CPA. They can gather the information and help you with your taxes. I would say absolutely, yes.

I do recommend it very much. It’s very simple, and once you do it you’ll be surprised how easy it is, and you’ll say ‘why didn’t I do it before, it makes my life so much easier’. I don’t think I could work without it anymore once I got into it, it’s very helpful. And I’m not on a commerciawl, I’m just telling you the truth, if it was no good I would have said it also. All in all I would say it’s very helpful to us. Now that we are used to it I don’t know how we did it before!

Written by: Miriam from Venice Ranch Market
Product: AccuPOS POS System
Date published: 11/20/2009
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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