AccuPOS Review – Indochine Vien Restaurant

Video transcript

AccuPOS Review – Indochine Vien Restaurant
Hi, this is Sam, the owner of Indochine Vien, I have been an AccuPOS customer since 2005 and we have a Vietnamese restaurant. We are very happy with them, and I am looking forward to having more systems for future restaurants.

POS Installation and Employee Training

It was very easy to install, and installed within minutes. They were trained within half an hour, they knew all the buttons, how to operate it, and how to run the credit cards. It seems like the easiest system to work with.

QuickBooks Accounting Integration
It works pretty well, I don’t really use Quickbooks too much, but I mean it works well – no problems.

Cash and Credit Card Transaction Speed
When it gets really busy, it works really fast, within seconds, transactions processed right away. Nothing gets held up. Pretty straight forward.

Customer Support
I called them a couple of times, usually just for updates, no problems really. Just called up for basic questions or if I have a new process, I am not familiar with, they help me out.

Would You Recommend AccuPOS Point of Sale?
I would definitely recommend AccuPOS for small operations, restaurants. It works very well and runs great reports so it’s very manageable and makes your life easier.

Written by: Sam of Indochine Vien
Product: AccuPOS POS System
Date published: 11/20/2009
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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