AccuPOS Review – The Farmer's Kitchen (Restaurant)

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The Farmer's Kitchen (Restaurant)
Hi, my name is Walter. I’m the manager of the Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood. We’ve been using AccuPOS since 2009.

POS Installation
When we got the software, it was very easy to install.

Customizing the POS buttons

I love tuning the buttons to exactly what we do and my chef really appreciates it. It makes it really easy for me, because we change our menu all the time. We change our menu twice a week. We have a weekday menu and we have a Sunday menu. And those are different every week.

We have different products every week, we have different menu items. So it’s critical that the buttons can be labeled specifically as to what they are. And that it prints out in the back, in the kitchen, exactly what the order is. That’s critical, and AccuPOS allows me to do that.

Ease of New Employee Training
It’s kind of a no-brainer. I mean, we just put them in front of the thing and all the buttons, like I said, are labeled perfectly, exactly what it is. Their grouped, according to the natural groupings. The choice screens pull up and ask them anything that they need to ask about the dishes – it’s kind of perfect.

Accounting Integration
I like AccuPOS because it uses Quickbooks as the back end. It gives me any analytics that I want, allows me the extract any data in any way that I want. It also uses a Microsoft database format that allows me to tap into it and use customized programming if I want to. We use QuickBooks Pro, we use that as the accounting software that we run the business on. So we have people who are already familiar with that software and it makes it great because the accountants are familiar with the software.

They get their reports just the way they want them. We can provide any information that they need, and then for us, in terms of designing the menu from week to week, we can go and look, what we were selling when and when we get tomatoes in we can look at what was the best selling thing that contained tomatoes and 'boom' we know what to make.

Cash and Credit Card Transaction Speed
The credit card processing machine is beautiful, because it is fully integrated. All you do is swipe the card. You don’t need to press the button for what type of card it is. You swipe it and it knows, boom, charges it and we’re done.

It can get really busy in here and AccuPOS is so convenient with the credit card processing. Just wipe it and it does the work. I don’t even have to check on it – done.

Receipt and POS Log Branding
Branding is a really important thing in business. It keeps you in people’s mind. We were able to just put in our logo, right on the screen. Everybody who comes in, they just look at it and they think it’s customized to our business. It impresses the employees, the people that come through, and then we also have the logo on the receipt. And people see that logo on there and remember Farmer’s Kitchen.

End of Shift Z-Out We actually have just been doing the Z-out right from the screen and that’s kind of all we've needed to do. Once in a while, we need to reference the Z-report from the management screen. But most of the time we just do it from the regular, operational screen. It’s simple. Press the button, Z-out – boom.

Would You Recommend AccuPOS Point of Sale?
AccuPOS is super powerful – I love it.

Written by: Walter from The Farmer's Kitchen
Product: AccuPOS POS System
Date published: 11/20/2009
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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