AccuPOS is EMV Ready – Call Now to Sign Up!

AccuPOS is EMV ready

We have all the hardware necessary to make your business compliant and secure. Our EMV solutions allow you to integrate merchant services with your AccuPOS POS system.

AccuPOS has over 5 years of success in supporting EMV

The United States is just beginning to adopt EMV. However, AccuPOS has clients around the world in countries that have been using EMV for several years.

We make implementing new hardware and software as simple as possible

Our extensive knowledge of EMV and merchant services gives you the tools and resources you need to take your business to the next level. With our assistance you can focus on your business and not on your technology.

EMV that is fully integrated with AccuPOS software and reports

AccuPOS is the #1 rated POS software by numerous review sites and your EMV solution will be a seamless part of your award-winning, complete POS system.

Safety and security for both you and your customers

EMV is the latest and most secure technology the credit card industry has to offer. AccuPOS is embracing this need and striving to keep your business and your customers safe.

Get the funds owed to you

EMV is a shift in liability towards merchants like you, in the event of fraud. AccuPOS EMV solutions assure that you will keep every dollar earned.

Give your customers peace of mind

Your customers will return to your business again and again, knowing that you have provided safe and compliant equipment for them to process their payments.

AccuPOS leverages the combined buying power of 10,000+ customers to get you the best rates available

Many of today's "POS solutions" are merely applications owned by credit card companies designed to take your merchant services account. AccuPOS is a true POS software developer, with over 15 years of supporting businesses in their point of sale, accounting, inventory and time-keeping needs. Using the leverage of our large client base, we aggressively shop for the lowest possible processing rates on your behalf, with no hidden agenda.

Pricing flexibility: EMV hardware can be paid monthly or purchased outright

We have affordable EMV purchase options including low monthly payments, to suit your preference.

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