AccuPOS Scale Certification – What You Need to Know

There have been many changes and improvements to AccuPOS software this year, making it prudent for us to revisit our certification with the National (U.S.) Conference on Weights and Measures for scale compliance.  We wanted to make sure every AccuPOS user with an integrated scale is using their device accurately and in full conformity with all national and local weight and measure protocols.

A full round of testing by the NCWW is now complete and we are pleased to announce, as before, 100% certification for AccuPOS 2015.  You can view our renewed certificate on their website here.

Ensuring the protection of your business against ever-changing regulations in the POS industry is an important reason to stay current on your AccuPOS software version. Many of our customers have reported inspectors showing up unannounced, threatening fines if certifications cannot be produced.  As always, call us if you have any concerns or questions and make sure your business is  enjoying the unlimited upgrades and updates included with every AccuPOS Platinum Membership plan.